“Reinventing Rosalee” Review | Bonnie Priever Curtain Up

LA Jewish Film Festival


Published: April 29,2018
By Bonnie Priever

In Rosalee Glass’ latest ‘can-do’ projects, she writes an online book of her most inspirational sayings, one being “be sure to go to the doctor early!”  In fact, her physician, Dr. Huizenga, who truly finds inspiration and purpose in life from his patient Rosalee is featured in the new film, “Reinventing Rosalee,” which recently premiered at the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival.

Directed and produced by Dr. Lillian Glass (Rosalee’s daughter), the film is an exquisite labor of love truly revealing a life worth lived, and still going strong at age 101! Upon the encouragement of Dr Hiizenga, Lillian Glass sought out how to make a documentary on the life of her beloved mother, even by researching  on Amazon, the techniques of Cecil B. Demille. She went on to find geniuses in the fields of film editing, cinematography, and music, and an amazing finished product resulted.  The film is quite emotional, leaving its viewers both laughing and crying throughout in total amazement of Rosalee’s life accomplishments and unique attitude which has sustained her for 101 years and going strong.  One learns so much from the devotion and love this mother/daughter have for each other and the plethora of life adventures and travels they have taken, from Siberia to Warsaw to the Vatican in Italy.

Another of Rosalee’s sayings to heed: “everyday is a birthday, and what to expect next is always a surprise.”